I’ve had a wide variety of models in front of my lens in the past nine years—from the tiniest to the largest ones, short- and long-haired, for show or for sport: I’m a dog photographer! Here, I’ll share my top tips for capturing great photos of some of the most adorable models in the world. Here’s what will make your dog photography experience much easier.

1. Remember: Your model isn’t a human!

The most important thing to remember during a photo session with a dog is that we are photographing… a dog! It sounds obvious, but believe me, it is not. Even the perfect lighting, composition, and scenery produce a good photo if your model looks bored, tired, or scared. To avoid taking just-shy-of-perfect pictures, prepare well ahead of the photo session. Here’s how.

2. A good attitude starts with you

Choose a safe location and make sure you have lots of time. Working under a rushed deadline with stress will certainly affect your model. A good attitude is essential here; don’t be overly ambitious, but trust that at least a few of your shots will turn out perfectly.

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